Welcome to Dongiverse

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Welcome to Dongiverse, the real Dongiverse.

Dongiverse was founded in 2010 to parody the awkward amount of suspiciously phallic objects uploaded daily to the popular 3D model warehouse Thingiverse. We decided to take the obvious route, and purchased this domain, where it sat, containing the community’s favorite dongs.

It sat that way for nearly three years with little changing, and it steadily became a (mostly) harmless in-joke among the 3D printing community. When we created the site, we created it with the tongue-in-cheek goal of bringing 3D printing to the masses through pornography and sex toys.

We believe that is not so tongue-in-cheek any more, and want to make Dongiverse a real place where artists can upload their designs and put them in the hands of real people.

We believe that there is a way for artists to be compensated for their work, while still providing free and open access to models, and are working to build a platform to make that a reality. Not just a reality for sex objects, but for objects of all shapes and varieties – these are just the most important to us.

Stand by, we’re about to change the world of sex-toys and the world of additive manufacturing.

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